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Suzuka 8 Hour 2

Suzuka 8 hours 2 is a motorcycle racing sequel from the developers at Namco. There are four different tracks to choose from in the game. If you can manage to beat the clock and all of your computer and human opponents, you will continue racing. Fail to cross the finish line in the allotted time or come in behind an opponent, and your game is over.

The four courses include an "easy" track, Green Hill Circuit; two tracks in the "medium" category, the Bayside Raceway and the Suzuka Circuit; and an "expert" track, the Devil's Canyon Circuit. The easy track has fewer turns and more laps than the medium tracks, and the medium tracks have fewer turns and more laps than the expert track.

Two human players can race head to head on four split screens. Players sit on a simulated motorcycle and lean to make turns. The right handlebar has both the accelerator and a hand brake. The view is third-person. Players can see the motorcycle and rider that they control.